OpO FAST Web Server and Database
A Different Approach
Web Applications
A different approach to building web applicaitons. A fast HTTP server is combined with a fast database to support a business logic core in multiple ways. An embedded Ruby core is possible with OpO-Rub or an application can be spawned and connected via pipes. The HTTP server and database can also be used by remote applications though an HTTP API.
Best of Breed Language
Performance is the first priority. By off loading HTTP services and database services to optimized C code, the code that runs the business is free to be written in the language of choice.
Performance First
Fast HTTP Server and Database
HTTP Server
The HTTP server is optimized for high performance. Benchmarks demonstrate that it meets or surpases industry leaders.
Database Server
The Database server is JSON repository implemented as a disk backed, in memory, triple store where every value is fully indexed. This design results in extremely high performance in queries as benchmarks show. Memory optimization techniques are used to reduce minimize required memory use.
OpO-Rub is built to support the Web Applicaiton Builder using Ruby (WABuR) which allows the use of the OpO services with a Ruby core.
See the benchmarks compared against NGINX, MongoDB, Rails, and Sinatra.
Download the latest versions here.
For the latests news and a view on the development of OpO take a look at the blog.
Documenation is build into the OpO HTTP server. To view that documentation go to the documentation pages.
The fastest Ruby JSON parser.
A JSON parser written in C and used by OpO.
An Ruby XML parser.
OpO is young and expanding quickly. To see the planned features and influence direction take a look at the plans.
A simple Tree Query Language provides a query language designed specifically for JSON data.