OpO FAST Triple Store, Web Server, and JSON Database
Between expression either inclusive or exclusive
Return a count of the matching JSON documents
Deletes one or more JSON documents
Equals expression
Filters matching JSON documents
Greater than (>) expression
Greater than or equals (>=) expression
Has node at path expression
Value is member of a set expression
Inserts a JSON Object or Array into the store
Limit the number of returned values in a select
Less than (<) expression
Less than or equals (<=) expression
Negation expression
Return a page at a time with a SELECT
Regular expression comparison
Used in the SELECT clause as a placeholder for a reference number
Request ID is allowed in all statements to allows asynchronous processing. RID can also be used in the select clause.
Used in the SELECT clause as a placeholder for the root of a matching JSON
Queries the store for multiple JSON documents
Sort the results of a SELECT
Updates one or more JSON documents
Return only a single match for the provided TPath
Conditional expressions