OpO FAST Triple Store, Web Server, and JSON Database

OpO is designed to be primarily a fast triple store. To provide an HTTP API it also has to include a high performance web server. A triple store is also a ver good way to store JSON data. OpO is a triple store, web server, and JSON database.

What platforms does OpO run on?

OpO and other OpO binaries are currently compiled for the latest version of macOS and Ubuntu. Other unix platforms are possible by request but are not in the standard releae set.

Are there restrictions on the use of OpO?

While OpO is not currently open source it is free to use as described by the license on the download page.

When will feature xxx be implemented?

The current plans are listed on the plans page. Note that the planned items do not have an associated date. Feedback is used to determine the order that features are implemented. If there is a feature that is not listed that is important to you, feedback to support@opo.technology to request that feature.

How can I get a feature or a fix faster??

OpO is free to use but to increase the priority of a feature that has not yet been developed or a quick fix to an issue a maintenance contract can be set up. Terms are negotiable.

Contact support@opo.technology for more information.